White Bread Recipe

We love homemade bread. We love baking it, we love smelling it, we love eating it. The first time I made bread was a few months after we got married. I've been hooked ever since. There's something very relaxing about making bread (and I don't mean dumping all the ingredients in a bread machine, I mean making it all by hand), I absolutely love it. And Marc doesn't complain when I take a few hours to make a couple loaves. We've tried lots of recipes, some better than others, but we wanted to share this recipe that we discovered on Pinterest with you because it makes GINORMOUS loaves of bread! We took pictures to prove it to you.  (Ignore the messy tabletop but admire Marc's apron :D) The first time we made this recipe, the dough deflated in the oven, but this time it rose beautifully. The crust gets a little hard but if you store the loaves in plastic bags, it softens up a bit. Also, it makes A LOT of dough, our little kitchen-aid can barely handle it all, so we have to knead it by hand (Marc is really good at this in case you were wondering). Once we tasted it right out of the oven with honey smothered all over it, we were in love.

Drumroll Please...

 Last week, Marc's MCAT scores appeared online. They were posted 5 pm Eastern Time. Marc was a little (understatement here) anxious all day. The worst part for him was waiting for me to get off work so he could check his scores (we wanted to see them together). I drove home from work as fast as I could (without breaking the law or barreling through the orange cones that adorn our city) and Marc was waiting with his username and password all typed in, waiting for me to push "enter" to view the scores. I pushed enter as he walked away from the computer, too nervous to look himself. Once I saw the score, he asked "Is it above a 30?" I told him to see for himself. He took a deep breath and walked over. Are you ready? Drumroll please....32Q!!! The 32 is the total sum from the physical sciences, biological science, and verbal reasoning. The Q is the score for his writing sample. For those of you not familiar with the scoring process, this is a really good score. The average acceptance MCAT score is a 30. We were very excited (and I admit maybe a little emotional) about his score. We called all our family and then stuffed ourselves with sushi and teppanyaki grilled meat and veggies. It was a very happy day! Thanks to all our family members for praying and fasting for us,  we couldn't have done this on our own!