The Great Indoors

My hubby absolutely loves the great outdoors. Hunting, fishing, hiking, sleeping under the stars, he loves it all. Luckily I'm pretty fond of the outdoors too. A few weeks ago, I got a text from Marc saying he wanted to go camping. It was in the middle of the school week, so I didn't think too much about it, thinking we could plan a weekend camping trip soon. Later that day, when I got home from school and rehearsal, I walked into a campground.
That's our front door to the left. Marc had set up the tent we got for Christmas in our living room. And the jean quilt that we got for Christmas was laid out as a picnic blanket. Inside the tents were blankets and foam pads. Here's the same thing from a different angle:

If you notice, we even had a "campfire." Marc had thought of everything! He found a video of campfire/outdoor sounds on youtube. So we had crackling fire and crickets in our living room. 

And, I forgot to mention that Marc had changed his outfit to for the part. Here he is roasting hotdogs over our electric stove. didn't really work very well. I think we ended up microwaving them. I love this picture of him though, he looks so rugged. 

Here's our campfire dinner that he had gone out and bought for the occasion: juice, hotdogs, chips, and little peach fruit cups. 

I was very surprised and so grateful that Marc had planned dinner! I was having a rough day that day and Marc was so sweet to take care of everything. And I loved that he made it a themed dinner! (I love those!) In case you were wondering, yes we did sleep in the tent that night. For most of the night at least. I decided halfway through the night that the bed in the next room sounded much more pleasant. I guess we'll have to use our tent in the great outdoors soon. But for now, it works for the great indoors.

More Celebrations

The day after the Scottish Festival, we headed to the Museum of Ancient Life. 

We had fun posing by all the different dinosaurs. 

Marc by Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Prehistoric dwarf elephant.

Later that evening, we had cake at our apartment. 

Our friends, Brian and Hillary, gave Marc this awesome Dinosaur hat. 

Marc with his grandparents. 

Marc with cousins, Jim and Colby, and their sweet baby girl. 

It was the perfect celebration: dinosaurs, cake, and spending time with family and friends. :)

A Very Happy {Birth}Day

I got thinking today that it has been too long since I last posted...I haven't even posted about my hubby's birthday yet...and that was back in June! So...prepare yourself for a lot of updates about the Allan's. :)

So first update...Marc had a very happy birthday. The celebrations were spread out over the entire weekend, but on his actual birthday, we headed over to Thanksgiving Point to the Scottish Festival. Marc and his brother, Collin, were very interested in the Strong Man competition...basically guys just throwing heavy stuff (like a keg...yes I said keg...but the announcer made sure to explain that since we were in Utah it was empty) over a 20 ft. pole. It was actually pretty impressive what these guys could do. Our favorite "Strong Man" to watch was a guy in his mid-50's in shorts and loafers (without socks). Compared to everyone else who were decked out in muscle shirts, he made everything look easy. He beat out the younger guys on most of the events. We also saw a lot of kilts, bagpipes, kilts, root beer jugs (that we first mistaked for beer jugs), kilts, knives stowed away in socks, kilts...did I mention kilts? The funny thing to me was that the men would wear kilts and their wives would wear pantsuits...that's a switch isn't it? Here's some pictures from the festivities:

Practicing for the Tattoo (a traditional outdoor music spectacle)

They saw these hats and couldn't resist trying them on.

We missed most of the dancing competitions but we did see some younger dancers perform. I've taken an Irish dance class before so I know how hard this movement have to be ridiculously precise. I was impressed at how well these young dancers performed. 

The kilts....

(do you see the knife tucked away in his sock??)

Our little clan. 
(The guy who took the picture asked us in a Scottish accent if we had ever seen a man in a skirt before...that's why I'm smiling/laughing so big.)

Just the two of us.

I sure do love this man.