Peter and Wendy

This was our first Halloween together..well I guess we were dating last Halloween but neither of us remember what we this was the first time we celebrated it together. We wanted to dress up as a famous couple and with Marc's red hair, we opted for Peter Pan and Wendy. We found my costume in about 30 min at DI for 10 bucks. Marc's took a little more time...and money. But it turned out sweet! And it's already safely tucked away in our costume box so that we can use it again and again and it won't get ruined. Hooray! the moment you've all been waiting for: picture time!At the party we went to that night, some of Marc's friends teased him about the costume being very appropriate for him--the boy who never grew up. And then Marc said that my costume was appropriate for me too since Wendy is all motherly to all the lost boys. Hopefully that means I'll be a good mother. I thought this picture showed the Peter Pan boyishness very well.

All in a Day's Work

This is what we did this weekend: made bread, cooked and pureed a pumpkin and made Marc's Peter Pan costume. We bought a regular shirt and gym shorts and then cut the zigzags out of the bottoms and sleeves. I made the hat from scratch. I'm pretty proud of it, it turned out great! He even wore green tights (more pictures later).

We've been making bread almost every week now (sometimes it just doesn't happen but we try to do it every week). I get so much satisfaction when those loaves come out of the oven. It feels good to know that if there was some natural disaster and we couldn't get to any stores, I could make bread for my family (assuming that I have all the ingredients in food storage). I never thought I would be the type to make bread all the time, but now that I do it I don't know why I didn't start sooner. It's very therapeutic somehow. Lots of other cooking stresses me out a little because I'm always afraid I will burn something, but bread is easy and relaxing. Especially since the yeast does most of the work anyways. :)

Later in the day we carved pumpkins. Actually it was more like Marc carved pumpkins. Mine was really thick and I couldn't cut into it very well. So I drew the face and then he carved it, showing off his manly muscles.