Post Graduation Trip #2

After the fishing trip, we stayed in Idaho for a weekend before our next adventure happened: visiting my parents in Spokane, Washington. They recently moved there so we were excited to see their new place and a new city.

We visited the Manito Gardens the first full day we were there. Not everything was in bloom yet which was a bummer, but it was still very beautiful. My favorite part was the Japanese Garden. 

Unfortunately I got sick right in the middle of our trip, so after the gardens we spent a couple of days taking it easy at home. When I finally was feeling better we took a couple more day trips. First, we headed to downtown Spokane and hit the mall and Riverfront Park. Riverfront Park is awesome! I kept thinking it would be such a fun place to take kids. Luckily, we're all kids at heart.

This carousel is right in the middle of the park so naturally we had to take a ride. 

You can't tell in this picture but this slide is the "handle" of a gigantic red Radio Flyer wagon.

I think I was trying to be a superhero or something...

It was a blast! But also very hot, so we ended the day by eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream at the mall.

The next day we headed across the Washington/Idaho border to visit Couer d'Alene. I love it there! It is so beautiful and we had a ton of fun just walking around the lake.

And taking cutesy pictures by the lake.

Some friends of ours recommended a great place to get ice cream sundaes, appropriately called Gooeys.

The only thing I'm confused about is whether Gooey is supposed to describe the sundae or the way you feel after you eat the whole thing. We had such a great time (minus the being sick part) and were very sad to leave.

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