Family Baby Shower

When we decided to move to Iowa instead of Arizona we had a few more weeks to spend with family before we had to move. We decided to spend one of those weeks back in Washington to see my family since we probably won't see them for the holidays. While we were there, my family threw us a surprise baby shower!

Aren't those the cutest decorations?? I love the hanging, clothes-pinned sleepers. And of course we had to have food--I think the fruit pizzas got devoured before we opened any presents :)

At this point we didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl, but my sister knew we would love this bib regardless of the gender. It says "Can't wait to hunt with daddy." Marc LOVED it! (Sorry for the fuzzy and badly-lit photos.)

Some teething rings.

 I can't remember what's in the box but whatever it was I thought it was pretty cute. 

A cozy ducky sleeper. 

 And everyone needs white onesies. 

My mom has made these cloth burp rags for as long as I can remember. She buys the burp rags in packs, then embellishes them with cute ribbon. And that's my cute new diaper bag!

My younger sister was in charge of taking pictures of us during the shower. We gave her Marc's iPad and she went a little crazy. I think she took a picture every minute or so....that means that she captured a lot of interesting expressions. I honestly didn't know I made these faces in real life! 

This is a tame gets betters. 

Not sure what I'm after here..but I sure look tired!

Must have been the most surprising news of the year!

This is my favorite! I'm not trying to be a monster...that's just me yawning.

I'll end with a decent photo :)
 This was taken after all the presents were unwrapped...I think it was finally dawning on us that we were really going to bring a little person into the world. Glad our faces are happy here and not apprehensive. 

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  1. yay! Glad you got some fun things! and now that you know a boy is on his way, you can go crazy with themes too! :)