Halloween Porch and Beggar's Night

It took me awhile to get my porch ready for the holiday but I made it just in time for Beggar's Night. What's Beggar's Night you ask? It's when kids come trick-or-treating the day BEFORE Halloween....crazy I know. And I don't understand it, but that's when everyone came trick-or-treating at our house. Also, for some reason kids these days don't know that you're supposed to say "trick-or-treat." C'mon I'm not giving you candy for nothing. So Marc and I started saying "What do you say?" before handing over the sweets. And do you know what some of them said instead of "trick-or-treat"? They told us a Halloween joke. Yeah, apparently in Des Moines they make their kids really work for candy and they have to tell a joke first. Genius.

Anyways, back to the porch decorations...so all day on October 29th I was busy decorating pumpkins. We couldn't find a time for Marc and I to carve jack-o-lanterns together so I decided to trade in the carving knives for paint brushes.

Can you guess which one Marc designed?

Here is our front door wreath, complete with a mini burlap "BOO!" banner and paper pumpkins.

A shot of the whole porch.

I think it all turned out pretty cute. Oh, and here's our new favorite addition to our Halloween decor, sent to us by my awesome mom-in-law.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your pumpkins look really good! I am glad you showed them off :)

  2. The pumpkins look fantastic, as does the wreath! Saw the Darth Vadar thing at Target and could NOT pass it up for you guys, lol!