"It's a BUCK!!!!"

I was rereading some of my past posts and realized that I never announced the gender of our little one. Most of the world already knows, but for documenting purposes I'll tell the story.

My ultrasound appointment was scheduled for the afternoon of September 17, 2013. We (im)patiently waited in the waiting room for a good 45 min-1 hour before we got in. It turned out that the ultrasound tech got backed up because of an emergency earlier in the day. Once we got into the exam room the tech asked us whether or not we wanted to find out the gender of the baby. "Yes!" was our immediate response.

Up to this point, I was having mixed feelings about what the gender would be. Somedays I would think we were having a little girl, other days I was determined it would be a boy. I never had any kind of dream or "sign" that it would for sure be one gender over the other. But, I secretly hoped it would be a boy. Marc and I always thought that having a boy first would be so much fun. So the day(s) leading up to the ultrasound appointment were making me anxious because I was a little worried that I would be disappointed if the baby was a girl. I know, that sounds terrible, but it's true.

After checking on the baby's vital organs, limbs, and brain, the tech finally said "Ready to find out the gender?" I'm pretty sure my heart was pounding at this point. She hovered over the baby's legs, which were spread wide apart I should add, and it was most definitely a boy!

Marc and I couldn't stop smiling after that (and I might have cried...just a little). We were so excited to tell our families the good news. I told my side that we broke the "Nelson curse" (a family joke since all of my cousins have had girls so far). Marc proudly announced to his family "It's a BUCK!!!"

Here's some pictures of our little cutie:

Love this one with his legs over his head!

I cannot wait to meet our little guy and hold these little hands!!